Grass Fed ~ Grass Finished ~ Totally Free Range


Our animals are grass fed, grass finished on thousands of acres just outside of Glacier National Park. Our animals are free range and are watered from the finest artesian wells the Rockies have to offer. We use No pesticides, herbicides, hormones, chemical dewormers, or antibiotics of any kind.  The pictures you see above, are actual pictures of our herds.

Our goal at “Glacier Grown” is to promote personal and family health. We believe that God intended for us to eat from the natural resources He provided. In today’s society of “convenience”, where fast food chains continue to thrive, there needs to be change. That change starts with you, making choices to eat healthy.

Bison meat is the healthiest red meat there is. It is the only red meat endorsed by the American Heart Association.

Make the right choice. Start eating healthy TODAY!

Many Blessings,

The Dunham Family